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Technical Agenda

Pre-Expo Day 1 – Nov 19 07:30                Onsite Registrations 08:00                Short Courses – DAY 1 Pre-Expo Day 2 – Nov 20 01:30                Exhibition Setup 07:30                Onsite Registrations 08:00                Short Courses DAY 2 DAY 1 – Nov 21 AM – Activities Schedule: 07:30                Onsite Registrations 08:00                Visitors access to Exhibitions 08:30                Arrival of Guests 09:00                […]

About Solace Foundation

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Call for Research Papers Submission

The Corporate Wellbeing and Beauty Technologies Expo (CWBTE 2023) invites researchers and practitioners to submit their original papers on cosmetic science and technology. The CWBTE 2023 is the premier event in Africa for showcasing the latest innovations, trends, and solutions in the field of cosmetic wellbeing and beauty. It offers a unique opportunity for participants to present their work to a diverse and influential audience, network with peers and industry leaders, and learn from the best practices and experiences of others. As part of this objective, the CWBTE 2023 will host research papers presentation contests in two categories, the Basic Cosmetic Research Papers Presentation Contest and the Applied Cosmetic Research Paper Presentation Contest. The event will recognize and reward the best papers in each of the two categories.