About Solace Foundation

Posted on September 9, 2023

About Solace Foundation

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Solace Foundation of Abeokuta is a non-governmental organization that aims to provide humanitarian and social services to the less privileged and vulnerable people in Ogun State, Nigeria. The foundation was established in 2022 by Olori Ameenat Adeleye Matemilola, the wife of HRM Oba (Prof.) Saka Matemilola, Oluyalo Otileta VII, The Olowu of Owu Kingdom. The foundation’s vision which is rooted on Kabiyesi’s desire to create a society where everyone has access to basic needs such as food, shelter, health, education, and empowerment is reflected in all of the Foundations agressive drive to ease the

Olori Ameenat Adeleye Matemilola
Olori Olowu of Owu Kingdom
ED, Solace Foundation

pains and sufferings of people. The foundation’s mission is to implement various programs and projects that address the needs and challenges of the target beneficiaries, such as widows, orphans, children, youths, women, and the elderly.

Some of the programs and projects that the foundation has carried out include:

  • Feeding and clothing program: This program provides food and clothing items to the needy people in various communities in Ogun State. The program also organizes special events during festive seasons such as Christmas, Eid-el-Fitr, and Eid-el-Kabir to share food and gifts with the less privileged.
  • Health care program: This program provides free medical services and supplies to the poor and sick people in Ogun State. The program also conducts health awareness campaigns and seminars on various topics such as breast cancer and prostrate cancer awareness, malaria prevention, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS prevention, hygiene and sanitation, etc.
  • War Against Drug Abuse: This program conducts awareness campaigns and seminars on various topics such as the ills of drug abuse, the types of drug abuse, identification, prevent and help for victims.
  • Education program: This program provides scholarships and educational materials to the indigent students in Ogun State. The program also supports the renovation and provision of facilities and equipment to some public schools in Ogun State.
  • Book Reading: This program promotes the habit of reading among the young ones in Abeokuta. This programs includes the creation of the start of the art Owu Community Library at Owu Palace for indigent children to have free access to books and a library!
  • Youth Development: This program seeks to encourage young people of Owu Kingdom to actively participate in the activities of the Nigerian Boys Scout and The Nigerian Girls Guide. This program led to the creation of Olori Ameenat Adeleye Matemilola Boys Scout and Girls Guide Model Troop.
  • Empowerment program: This program provides skills training and financial assistance to the unemployed and underemployed youths and women in Ogun State. The program also mentors and counsels the beneficiaries on how to start and sustain their own businesses in areas such as bead making, fish farming, gele tying, cake baking, soap making, etc.
  • Elderly care program: This program provides care and support to the elderly people in Abeokuta State. The program also organizes recreational activities and social gatherings for the elderly and the youth as well to increase cross generational social bonding, reduce their loneliness and isolation. A recent of such activities is training on Archery. This lead to the formation of Solace Foundation 1st Inter-schools Archery Championship Competition which was flagged off with a Novelty match that saw Olowu emerging winner!
  • An upcoming program in the area of youth development is the Art Splash for children in Owu.

The foundation has partnered with various individuals, groups, and organizations to achieve its goals and objectives. Some of the partners include:

  • The Ogun State Government
  • The Olowu of Owu Kingdom
  • Olusegun Obasanjo Library
  • Obasanjo Fish Farm, Owiwi
  • The Abeokuta Chamber of Commerce
  • The Rotary Club of Abeokuta
  • The Nigerian Red Cross Society
  • Nigerian Boys Scouts
  • Nigerian Girls Guide
  • The Funding Partners of Corporate Wellbeing and Beauty Technologies Expo
  • NDLEA, Abeokuta Command
  • Sarah Oduwaiye Cancer Foundation
  • OKD Agro Services
  • Among many others

The foundation has received several recognition for its outstanding contributions to the society in such a short time!

Solace Foundation is seeking partners to help fulfill its vision.

Your registration for CWBTE2023 will help contribute and also make you indirectly a partner.

Solace Foundation is seeking partners to help fulfill its vision

Your registration for CWBTE2023 will help contribute and also make you indirectly a partner

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